Up, Up, and Away

We’ve gotten our show off the ground and are rolling ahead… Here’s our trophy case so far – The 3 best videos in our collection.

Start with the latest episode “Learning Green” an adventure in Environmental Education. Next we have our pilot episode which was aired during our Season Premiere on June 3rd. Remember, you can catch new episodes of ‘How Can I Help?’ every Friday at 6pm on ITV – Channel 16. Finally for the highlight reel is a question Ronnie Das, the host of ‘How Can I Help?’ got to ask 42nd President of the United States Bill Clinton at this years Clinton Global Initiative on April 2nd at UCSD.

Episode 2: “Learning Green”

Episode 1: Farm Fresh Guide to a Green Thumb (Organic Farming)

CGI U question for Bill Clinton

Tune in every Friday at 6pm on ITV – Channel 16 for new episodes

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