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This season we will be changing the order of episodes 3-5 to reflect our new understanding of very key environmental topics Reduce, Re-use, Recycle. For many the switch results in the same difference 3 episodes on the 3 R’s but as we have learned in the process of making the series in this order is very important.

Episode 3: One Less Mess (Reduce)
A large goal for every citizen is to reduce consumption, which sounds like a stake in the heart of a shaky economy, but by reducing consumption of new goods (especially from overseas) we can boost an infrastructure for the local economy to thrive. Any savings is an investment and the best investment you can make is on the Earth. By continually evaluating and reducing our consumption it assigns a higher value to products we own as more than mere short-term disposal waste. Every cost is added up for your final price on a product, if a product is being shipped from further or contains unnecessary packaging than by definition it is inefficient and can be improved. If we buy something we suspect will break and it does than we will buy another expecting the same whereas if we demand the quality of a product at a reasonable price than it creates an assurance for the tools we count on.

Episode 4: Twice as Nice (Re-use)
Reducing consumption is the best way to effect change in community and personal sustainability, but reducing consumption has its limits. Eventually it comes to vital resources where reduction is not a healthy option, but often times in San Diego it will never come to that point. In fact the modern conveniences and joys of having the right tools for a fun job (BBQs, surfing, sports, etc.)are what make life in San Diego so amazing. To create less of a mess we can re-purpose our old instruments to reduce landfill use and continue to be content with modern luxuries. Re-use is a great way to divert “trash” from a landfill. As the old saying goes “one mans trash is another mans treasure”, the value of an item can live well beyond the means of its current use. Learn all sorts of innovative and interesting tips to re-use a lot of things we have around the house and take for granted. San Diego is beautiful, don’t trash it, reclaim its beauty with Re-use.

Episode 5: Think Again (Recycling)
The process of recycling saves natural resources, but is more energy intensive than reducing consumption and re-using items. The use, re-use, and recycling of products and items creates an efficient waste management system. Recycling is very important, but reducing consumption is most important and re-using items is a key asset in that pursuit to reduce consumption. Many cities around the world are taking a zero-waste approach which will be a highlight in sustainability. If you can’t reduce, or re-use, please recycle. We can be the generation that ends the need for landfills, Generation Green! IF you grew up with the 3R’s being Recycle, Reduce, and Re-use than “Think Again” with Reduce, Re-use than Recycle.

Getting pretty excited the new season starts soon… Season 2 Premiere Thursday December 1st at 6:00 PM on ITV.

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