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Stop Recycling!

upcycle jeans recycle plastic

Wait, what did she just say? Yeah, that’s right. STOP RECYCLING! Aren’t we on a sustainable living website? Is Annie out of her mind? Who is this crazy person? Yeah, well, I said it, STOP RECYCLING. Okay, hear me out. Recycling is great; job creation to separate plastics, glass, aluminum to create something new, different [...]

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Resource Conservation

Most Amazing Nature Photo

What is resource conservation? It’s a little broad, right? Anything ranging from organic gardening to creative reuse. Anything from endangered species protection acts to alternative income generation. Here in Panama, these are some of the most important issues we see. Of these things, what is most important? What takes precedence? One of the most important [...]

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National Bike to Work 2012

Bike to Work Day 2012

Friday May 18th 2012 is Bike to Work Day, a nationally recognized event celebrated annually on the third Friday in May. Bike to Work 2012 supports bicycling as a viable, environmentally friendly, cost-saving commute choice. Green Yourself and get yourself moving forward as you ride the city with a great guide to the best bike [...]

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Trash Travels

Andy Pag Biotruck Cooking Oil

Andy Pag has traveled to Timbuktu in a truck powered by chocolate. He’s gone round the world on donated vegetable oil. And in 2008 he organized the “Grease to Greece Rally” for cars running on restaurant discards. Pag wants to keep on proving that there’s value in a lot of what we currently waste, and [...]

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