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Eating Economics

Save $1,000/year in grocery bills by planting a about 100 sq. ft. of produce.Lawns account for 50% of all residential water bills nationally, according to the US EPA. Now add in the price of fertilizers, fungicides, algaecides, pesticides and other lawn care products and equipment. Luckily you can reverse the cash flow by eating your […]

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Birds Ate the Bees

For a gardener, growing your hard work just to see it be eaten alive by destructive insects will create a lot of frustration. Take advantage of controlling the pest population in your produce by attracting local birds to get a fly by farmer for your wildlife garden. Wren and Stumpy – The wren is about […]

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Sustainable Saturday

Sustainable Saturday – A salute to the unsung community and environmental leaders in San Diego who are making a positive impact. Green Yourself Tips for fun green projects like planting a garden, energy efficient improvements at home, water conservation ideas and much more… This Sustainable Saturday is a Salute to Gardening. Growing green is a […]

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