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Purchasing a new car presents itself with a lot of possibilities to be green, save some green, and get going in style. Rising gas prices create consumer demand in alternative sources of transportation which resulted in automobile manufacturers providing a large range of electric options. We will post information on hybrid technology soon, but for […]

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Trash Travels

Andy Pag has traveled to Timbuktu in a truck powered by chocolate. He’s gone round the world on donated vegetable oil. And in 2008 he organized the “Grease to Greece Rally” for cars running on restaurant discards. Pag wants to keep on proving that there’s value in a lot of what we currently waste, and […]

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Explore, Explore, Oil and Trouble

As gas prices continue climbing many consumers are feeling the pressure at the pump and looking for answers. Energy issues are an area worth understanding so lets look at the current situation to determine the options available in a more sustainable solution. To understand oil prices we must consider 3 things: Our Needs, Production or […]

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