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Setting Up Sustainable | How Can I Help?

Setting Up Sustainable

Hey Eco Diego Fans! We’d like to thank everyone for supporting our efforts and helping us sustain the motivation, inspiration and tenacity to always bring engaging, entertaining, and informative environmental ideas to your TV.
We are working hard to organize, shoot, edit and produce an amazing Season 3 of Environmental Episodes with “How Can I Help?: San Diego”

Stay tuned with more regular updates, Green Yourself Tips, ideas, articles, advice, and find friends with similar interests in our Eco Diego Community on Facebook as we continue to create! We will be back on Twitter soon (@HowCanIhelpSD).

Get Back in Green! Watch Full Episodes Online from Season 1 and 2 to refresh your favorites from last year or stay prepared with some of the episodes you may have missed.

Season 1 – From Organic Farming to Energy Efficiency and Beyond…

A tantalizing taste of San Diego’s organic fruits and vegetables.
Episode 1: A Farm Fresh Guide for Going Green (Pilot, 2011)

Episode 2: Generation Green. An in depth look at education and the future leaders of America, the youth! (Environmental Education)

Episode 3: De-constructing Construction. Build knowledge on proper environmental engineering every home or business could enjoy. (Green Buildings)

Episode 4: Solar Diego. Check out solar panels as a bright idea lighting up our city. (Solar Systems)

Episode 5: Planting Plants. Set the scenery on our picture perfect postcard community with native and sustainable landscaping. (Native and Sustainable Landscapes)

Episode 6: Beer No Evil. Catch the local buzz on brewing environmentally, efficiently and economically. (Green and Sustainable Brewing)

Episode 7: Explore SD. Come sail away with a relaxing view on going green with Eco-Tourism. (Eco-Tourism in San Diego)

Season 2 – From Energy Efficiency to Reducing Waste and Beyond…

Episode 1: Electro-GO! Get moving with an energizing ride through San Diego to explore electric vehicles. (Electric Vehicles)

Episode 2: Animal Housing Cuddle up with this episode to learn tips on treating your pet with sustainable choices. Its a treat for anyone interested in adopting, fostering, or volunteering to help our pawed pals and feline friends. (Sustainable Pet Owners)

Episode 3: Blown Away! An energy source literally blowing in the wind, become a fan favorite of this wind energy episode. (Wind Energy)

Episode 4: One Less Mess More or less this episode is about how less is more and reducing our use of water with conservation is terrific for the environment. Part 1 of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Series. (Reduce)

Episode 5: Twice as Nice See it all before with something new and sustain our city with Re-use. Part 2 of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Series (Re-use)

Episode 6: Think Again Leave the landfill to waste away, because with recycling in our day, we can make a difference. (Recycle)

Last year we had the honor of asking 42nd President of the United States Bill Clinton a question.

This season watch His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama speak about the environment. Its truly an honor and we know your going to really enjoy it!

Stay Tuned for a Fresh and Sustainable Season 3 of “How Can I Help?: San Diego”

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