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Research and Development Foundation

The Research and Development Foundation was formed in January of 2011 to promote and advertise socially and environmentally responsible companies and organizations. It is our ultimate goal to support the San Diego community which makes our reliability and credibility solely rest on ensuring that core fundamental standards and values are maintained.

RDF Productions is an outlet and resource for the community by providing video production, digital media and effective communication tools to the most vital environmental, humanitarian, or community services to enhance the awareness, education, and outreach of sustainable topics.

RDF Productions

RDF Productions’ “How Can I Help?” is the San Diego Eco TV Show exploring how local businesses, non-profit organizations, educational institutions and municipal departments are helping to make a difference in the community through green practices and sustainable solutions.

For all the fun of Season One, catch the 7 episodes that started it all.

Stay Sustainable and Enjoy Season 2 with the fast action of Electro-GO! and pawed pals in Animal Housing.

RDF Productions professionally captures the emerging era of environmental history by promoting the ideas, services, projects, programs and products involved in modern green living ideas that easily adapt to a families lifestyle. Through the efforts of the community, volunteers and viewers like you we have generated an audience of 850,000 weekly viewers when we air on San Diego County of Education’s ITV.

Green Yourself

Roll up your sleeves and get out the work clothes with easy do it yourself projects aimed at providing modern green living tips in an affordable, useful and practical way. Get Going with Green Yourself: Simple Tips to Sustain Your San Diego!

Eco Public Relations

How Can We Help You?
Have the crew of “How Can I Help” help you on your next program, presentation or event with the best in digital media. We provide a venue for humanitarian, health, community and sustainable organizations to professionally promote ideas, products, programs, projects and services. Our video production services are available to better serve the community as a resource to successfully share your story without the cost constraints from high prices for traditional marketing/advertising firms. Please consider the sustainable solutions for video production services provided by RDF Productions’ Eco Public Relations.

E-mail us your ideas, questions or suggestions… info@howcanihelpsd.com

Our Clients are Our Friends

Balboa Park Sustainability Walk-About
November 15, 2011

The Balboa Park Cultural Partnership Sustainability Program hosted the Balboa Park Sustainability Walk-About. Local leaders in environmental studies got a first hand look at the sustainable practices and ambitions of 5 museums, including the Park’s two LEED certified buildings : San Diego Natural History Museum and Reuben H. Fleet Science Center. The purpose of this series was to expand community awareness on sustainable practices, the value of energy efficiency, and showcasing the amazing institutions of Balboa Park. RDF Productions created and maintains the largest collection of sustainability related videos in Balboa Park.

Help is on the way…

Ronnie Das (Host, Executive Producer)
After originally growing up in Lakewood, CA. Ronnie Das moved to San Diego, CA in August of 2004 as a freshmen undergraduate student at the University of California, San Diego. Graduating with an Environmental Systems/ Environmental Policy degree he immediately began working on native plant restoration at the Miramar Native Plant Nursery for the City of San Diego Environmental Services Department.

After the experience of restoration, Ronnie Das transferred to the City of San Diego Storm Water Department where he engaged in storm water quality testing, monitoring, and preliminary storm water pollution point-source investigations. As the seasonal Dry Weather Monitoring Program came to an end, a decision was made..

“Seems like you have to get into politics to be in the government or you won’t be able to move past a certain point. My jobs were always fun, but I always kept my nose out of politics, especially office politics, in the government that could end your career on a real bad note.” – Ronnie Das. 9/30/10

The next day was the first day of filming for the Pilot episode of “How Can I Help?” San Diego which took place 10/01/10 at Wild Willow Farms (Episode 1: Farm Fresh).

What’s next for Ronnie Das? “A good career is more than a job, its a passion, it makes you happy to wake up, ready to stay up, and sleep easy. I guess I’m just looking for that perfect career, one that inspires my passion and helps me be productive in the community. So far I think I found it.” -Ronnie Das

View Debabrata (Ronnie) Das's profile on LinkedIn

Peter Schmid-Schoenbein (Audio Engineer, Graphic Designer)

Graduating with a Visual Arts degree from UCSD was merely the finishing touches for this born artist. Peter Schmid-Schoenbein has mastered the entire suite of adobe and other graphic design programs to provide a technical background to a very creative mind.

Peters diverse portfolio can be seen in blockbuster hits Transformers 2 and Smurfs among others where he was responsible for 2D to 3D rendering. Peters is an industry leader on the forefront of cutting edge technology by working with the best production companies in the business for a combined movie franchise worth of over $1 trillion dollars

“It has to be hard being a graphic designer, well at least a good graphic designer like Peter Schmid-Schoenbein. Sometimes I give him very little information or an abstract concept and he’ll come back with 20 great ideas. I’m shocked at how seamless he can convey an idea into an art piece. Peter Schmid-Schoenbein is quite simply the best in the business.” -Ronnie Das

Eco Experts

Annie Hines grew up in Oakland, California before attending college in Los Angeles, CA. Always an avid outdoors-person, she grew up loving the environment, especially conservation issues. While studying Spanish Language and Literature at Loyola Marymount, she began working with various environmental nonprofits during the summers. Past experience has been mostly focused on environmental education, with forays in endangered species management. After graduating, she worked for an environmental consulting firm before leaving for Panama with the Peace Corps.

In Panama, her work focuses on sea turtle conservation, ecotourism and environmental education. She works alongside a pre-existing ecotourism group to create and implement monitoring policies, organize tourism activities and conduct trainings. Annie hopes to keep working in natural resource or endangered species management after the Peace Corps.

Disclaimer: All opinions put forth by this person are personal and not reflective of Peace Corps, Panama or the American or Panamanian governments.

Alice Nguyen graduated from University of California, San Diego with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biochemistry/Cell Biology along with a minor in Environmental Systems. She also has a Master’s of Science in Biology with a focus in Environmental Microbiology performing research at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Her extensive background include dentistry, humanitarian aid, teaching, and scientific research — these diverse experiences have combined and culminated into her core passion to create a greener, more sustainable world.

She is now involved with Green Economy Group as a Project Management Associate / Editor and Bambootility, LLC as an Associate. She hopes to escape from prevailing global energy constraints, and accelerate innovation in renewables and clean energy.


This program provides education and outreach as an outlet and resource for the community.
Online Recognition: American Homebrewers Association, San Diego Seal Tours, San Diego International Airport, IMDb, and many more. See who else is talking and taking notice of this growing community resource with the Green Alliance and some amazing Articles.

Posted a listing of our services under the title Sustainable Video Production Promotional Solutions. Just another way we can be proactive in providing our resources, abilities and skills in the community.

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