1. Find well-draining soil in a sunny area to begin your backyard garden. A well-draining soil will ensure that water does not collect to nourish fungus among your plants and a sunny area will ensure proper light and heat that will be needed for growth. Be sure to check if your plants prefer full sun or partial sun before beginning. You’ll want to choose a spot that will be convenient for your work and attractive for viewing.

2. Good crops require good soil and good soil needs nourishment. Get 2 large trash bags and head to Miramar Greenery to pick up some compost for FREE. City of San Diego residents can self-load up to 2 cubic yards of compost or mulch with proof of residency, enough to fill a 20×10 foot garden with 3 inches of compost. Use a tiller, spade, or shovel to amend garden soil by adding compost 4-6 inches deep into the soil. Irrigate area twice thoroughly before planting.

3. This is the fun part: your garden is ready for PLANTS! Keep the seeds from the produce you enjoyed at the farmers market or check out a local nursery for more choices.

4. Once you’ve planted, it is important to maintain a regular watering schedule. Water in early mornings or the evenings, so the sun won’t burn the plants’ delicate leaves. Although sprinklers are cheap, easy to setup, and easy to use, drip irrigation systems are the preferred method. The constant, slow 1 or 2 gph (gallon per hour) drip minimizes runoff water and actually gives the plants’ roots more water.

5. Before long, your plants will be ready to harvest. Every type of plant has a different length of time until harvest, so with a varied garden you will have fresh produce throughout the summer and fall. You will soon find that nothing compares to the vegetables, fruits, and herbs grown in your own garden.

6. Most importantly, have fun. Don’t make gardening into more work than it needs to be. Your garden doesn’t need to be perfect. It’s great if you’re able to achieve a substantial return on your investment, but it’s also okay to pick a favorite fruit or vegetable, plant a few seeds, and have fun watching them grow to maturity. You’ll find its relaxing, rewarding, and fun for the whole family.

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