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Women hold $5 trillion in purchasing power each year and make most of the financial decisions regarding the home, from daily purchases to remodeling projects. When it comes to being green at home, female homeowners say they want eco-friendly features that: – make sense for their lives – reinforce their feelings as chic, smart buyers – are easy to do – save them money – improve their families’ quality of life – minimize their impact on the Earth During a panel at the International Builders Show in Las Vegas.

Monitor How Much Energy You Use

New technology has made it possible for homeowners to keep track of their energy consumption and adjust accordingly to save money. Wireless energy dashboards sit in your home and monitor energy data from your electricity meter. Find out what times of day offer the cheapest electricity delivery rate. There are even products that let you monitor your consumption while you’re outside the home.

Harvest and Recycle Rainwater

Rainwater harvesting involves collecting water either from the roof or the ground and then diverting it to storage tanks. For every inch of rain that falls on 1,000 square feet of roof area, 600 gallons of water can be collected for harvesting. Rainwater can be used for watering your garden as well as for flushing toilets, washing laundry and bathing. Rainwater stored in food-grade HOGs can be used as an emergency potable water supply. Rainwater is soft water, which means that it won’t cause a build-up of calcium in your plumbing like hard water can. You can drink rainwater as long as your roofing material does not contain toxic materials.

In Episode 3: De-constructing Construction we met up with Jim Mumford of Greenscaped Buildings in Kearny Mesa, San Diego. A great first stop if your interested rainwater harvesting.

Bottles everyday in your classy kitchen

Colorful, randomly patterned recycled glass is a high-end product that is visually self-explanatory and a great conversation starter. Whether you use it in countertops or a decorative window, showcase your green chic and “green brag” to guests.

Also in Episode 3 we explored these countertops with Lisa Cunningham of Olive Branch Green Building Supply in North Park, San Diego.

Get Wood, responsibly

Install flooring that uses wood that’s native to the area. It gives a personal touch to your green efforts and makes a strong, memorable impression.

Eco-timber available at Olive Branch Green Building Supply in North Park, San Diego.

Beautiful LED lighting can introduce fine art to the meaning of green. These energy efficient fixtures can be intricate, unique and colorful.

Quick fact: Blue LEDs have an effect on circadian rhythms (biological clocks)? Blue LEDs are used to treat Seasonal Affective Disorver (SAD). If you are exposed to the blue light of an LED during the day, it suppresses melatonin which makes us sleepy duing the dark of the winter months. Use a blue light along with your coffee to really wake up to the environment!

Consider Olive Branch Green Building Supply for LED lighting. Didn’t realize how much Olive Branch had, we only focused on blue jean insulation, paint, and counter-tops in Episode 3: De-Constructing Construction

Learn About Biomimicry-Based Technologies

Stay on top of the latest green technologies that can be used for and around your home. Companies are designing innovative household products that imitate biological processes in nature, while not tapping natural resources.

For example:
Sharklet A special pattern inspired by the microbe-resistant properties of shark skin inhibits bacterial growth. The pattern on an adhesive film will repel bacteria pathogens from hospitals, public restrooms and consumer products.
Lotusan paint A self-cleaning silicone exterior paint based on the lotus flower’s highly water-repellent surface and its self-cleaning properties.

Gecko tape Modeled after a gecko’s ability to adhere to various kinds of surfaces, the tape will allow items to defy gravity.

Women have been taught that, for us, the earth is flat, and that if we venture out, we will fall off the edge. -Andrea Dworkin

If you enjoy this Green Yourself idea be sure to check out the full episode about this issue

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