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Lighter Side of Green

Ever wonder what the real deal with those energy efficient bulbs is about, discover the difference in lighting to brighten up your green lifestyle.

Start by breaking down the basics on energy use in buildings.

Buildings account for roughly 40% of all U.S. energy use. To be more specific, residential buildings account for 22% of all U.S. energy use and commercial buildings account for 18% of all U.S. energy use.

Of course, every region and building has its differences. For example, in Texas, you might use a lot more energy running the air conditioning equipment and maybe a little less energy running the heating.

On average lighting accounts for 11% of residential energy use and 26% of commercial.

This makes energy efficient lighting very important in reducing energy consumption at the residential and commercial level.

As we explore alternative energy sources over the next few weeks its important to consider the fuel source. Our current energy resources are largely non-renewable and effect the environment in many ways including drilling/mining for resources (offshore oil drilling), transporting materials (direct from war zones around the world), using the fuel (burning coal), and proper disposal (nuclear waste) so its important for the environment to be energy efficient.

Sustainability is an issue not only concerning the environment, but considers economics and social aspects as well. Please consider being sustainable.

Find your personal preferences with accessible energy efficiency and the affordability to match…

Bestseller List : Energy Efficiency

Various green aspects of the New York Times Building continue to make high profile news and it’s only been a year since the modern building opened. Here’s the deal: The Times Company installed a total light management system that includes daylight, occupant, target set point, time clock, and emergency lighting controls.

Although the building was originally designed to use approximately 1.28 watts per sf of lighting power, with the light management system, it’s actually using only 0.38 watts per sf of lighting power or a 70% reduction in lighting use. That means, based on New York City electric rates, New York Times is saving approximately $315,500 and preventing the emission of 1,250 metric tons of CO2 annually.

Here’s where they recognized the most in terms of lighting energy savings:
30% – daylight harvesting
10% – occupancy sensing
2% – scheduling
58% – light level tuning

Its pretty good proof that significant savings can be recognized by using smart systems that optimize lighting based on the amount of natural light already in the building.

Building systems are all related and energy savings are only one aspect of an owner’s considerations. In setting up the advanced lighting system, the Times Company was particularly worried about glare control and employee comfort. Apparently, though, everything went as planned and employee satisfaction has increased since the installation. The New York Times has lower operating costs and higher employee satisfaction. Write On!

Find more Green Yourself Energy Efficiency Tips and Lighten Up.

Part of our Energy Efficiency Series which started with Explore, Explore Oil and Trouble. Stay tuned to learn more about alternative energy options, coming soon. Real soon!

References: We used these articles to help us write ours Breaking Down Building Energy Use and Smart Tech Helps NY Times Building Cut Lighting Costs Dramatically!. Both of the articles were published by Preston of Jetson Green

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