Explore, Explore, Oil and Trouble

As gas prices continue climbing many consumers are feeling the pressure at the pump and looking for answers. Energy issues are an area worth understanding so lets look at the current situation to determine the options available in a more sustainable solution.

To understand oil prices we must consider 3 things: Our Needs, Production or Supply, and Global Demand. This is actually quite complicated and economists fight about it all day, but here is a simply way to look at it.


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Facts about oil consumption…

We are importing less oil, which is good because our proven oil reserves are not our biggest natural resource…

Many people see the price of oil as less than alternative sources of energy, but consider this…

At the pump isn’t the only price we pay for oil. Many subsidies, taxes, and infrastructure go into maintaining this energy source.

Here is a new option for an energy efficient future…

Over the next few weeks we will explore many energy efficiency and fuel source options.

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