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How do wasteful ways impact our great city? San Diegans throw out enough recyclables to make waste piles in Petco Park, from infield to outfield, from dugout to nosebleeds… five times over each year. Now imagine if we not only reduced landfill waste, but re-used natural resources as well. Its starting to sound like zero-waste in San Diego is pretty possible. Green Yourself Tips to reinforce your re-use ideas, just remember to Double-Up.

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San Diego is a beautiful place, and people flock here to live, work and play, attracted by our natural resources. But everyone living, working, and playing here creates mounds of trash… over seven pounds per person per day. With a population of over 1.2 million, that adds up fast… to nearly 9 million pounds a day, or about 1.68 million tons annually. At this rate of waste disposal, the City’s only landfill, the Miramar Landfill, will likely be filled to capacity and close in 2020. Unless we all work together to reduce and recycle our garbage we could trash the unique beauty of San Diego and risk squandering our tax dollars to pay fines of up to $10,000 per day for failure to meet California’s 50% waste diversion mandate.

Swap sustainable stories at Kobey’s Swap Meet which has been serving San Diego with great bargains, unique items and hundreds of garage sales for over 30 years. Launched in 1976 at the Midway Drive-In with only thirteen sellers. In August 1980 the swap meet moved to the nearby Sports Arena. In 2010, Kobey’s Swap Meet at the Valley View Casino Center is still San Diego’s biggest outdoor market, drawing close to 25,000 shoppers and nearly 1,000 sellers weekly.

Each member of the Kobey family has played a part in the market’s accomplishments, from Monte the business patriarch who opened the market in 1976 to his grand son, Anthony Pretto, who is preparing for his own leadership role in continuing the Kobey business family tradition. Explore all the options for Re-Use at this iconic San Diego event, Kobey’s Swap Meet.

After we complete the meet its off to greet Cheryl Sharp of The Reuse People to demolish the lack of promotion for deconstruction which takes apart a building instead of bringing it down with a bulldozer to re-use nearly everything. Picture a typical home… Now take out the windows, wires, walls, doors, cabinets, counters, foundation, fixtures, floors, appliances, toilets, tubs, and what your left with is The Re-Use People…Building Materials Distributors in San Diego since 1993. Providing construction materials from deconstruction projects instead of demolition projects destroying useful natural resources to put in the landfill.

Now that we can understand the economic impact from diverting resources from the landfill through Re-Use we’ll discover how the community and environment truly benefit from an expert at the San Diego County of Public Works Department. Filming at Architectural Salvage in Little Italy provides a perfect backdrop to get the background on why Re-Use is important. Relax as we get Green Yourself Tips on Re-Use from Michael Wonsidler of the County of Public Works, his simple tips and convenient tricks will have you re-using right away.

Enjoy another Green Yourself Tip with the creative and easy to craft T-shirt bag to give your grocery items a comfortable and customized cool look that matches your green living and sustainable style.

Finally, surf’s up with Surfrider Foundation’s San Diego chapter to explain why something is wrong with single-use plastic bags for the planet. Discover the details on why producing plastic is not good for oceans, animals and ourselves just For Your Information.

Re-use this information by telling your friends, neighbors how to make re-use easy to use and makes everything get soma cod Twice as Nice

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