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Everyone likes a warm sunny day in San Diego, but what if we could use that natural energy to really light up our lifestyles.

San Diego is generic Soma no prescription overnight California’s #1 Solar City. There are more solar installations in San Diego than in any other city in California. buy Soma overnight free delivery Episode 4: Solar Panels

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Green Yourself: Save Some Dollars with Sense in Energy Efficiency.

The scoop:
Some Say San Diego Should Switch to Solar. See Why? Start off talking to Cecillia Aguillon of Kyocera Solar about the Solar Module Manufacturing Plant they have right here in San Diego. The manufacturing plant is sustaining the local economy while providing the tools to create a dependable energy source that respects the environment. Kyocera truly is not only business as usual, its business that is useful.

After that join us as we talk with veterans in commercial solar development, Independent Energy Solutions, on how green is gaining steam with the cool projects that are becoming a hot item throughout San Diego.

Its time for us to get dirty with Green Jobs, follow us as we install residential solar paneling with Baker Solar Electric Inc. in Bonita, California to discover what it takes to brighten up your homes value while lighting up on the energy savings possible.

Learn how the community and environment are truly enhanced with Solar Technology through representatives from the County of San Diego, SDG&E, CA. Center for Sustainable Energy and much more.

You’ll light up for this bright idea for sure. Originally aired Friday June 24th at 6:00 PM on ITV – Channel 16.

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