Planting Plants

The Outstanding San Diego Scenery is ideal for Planting Plants so lets see the key Players involved in Native and Sustainable Landscaping.

Go Native with Episode 5: Planting Plants!

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Keep it simple, make it cheap, and conserve resources with this resource…
Green Yourself: Simple steps to Planting Natives and restoring California’s Cultural heritage.
A second solution Green Yourself Tip: Indoor Composting – Tips to turning your trash into treasure for your garden while keeping your kitchen smelling fresh.

The Dorcas Utter Memorial Sensory Garden

Water Conservation Garden in San Diego, CA.

Plan a trip to explore the plants at the Water Conservation Garden, click map for hours and additional directions.

The History of Eco Diego with Peter St. Clair

Old Town State Park Native Plant Garden

4002 Wallace St.
San Diego, CA, 92110

Parking and entrance to the park are FREE, and is conveniently located adjacent to the Old Town Transit Center, with Coaster, Trolley, and MTS Bus service.

MP Rotator

Hunter Irrigation’s flagship product can provide 30% water savings on your existing irrigation system.

Check out these established groups with growing potential…

Explore water conservation issues through our picture perfect San Diego native plants. First, get established for this growing adventure with a trip to The Water Conservation Garden on the Cuyamaca Community College Campus in El Cajon.

Than meet up with landscape consultant Susan Krzywicki as we put native strawberries in the beautiful home of Jeanne Kearley in Chula Vista.

After that we head north to Hunter Irrigation to learn how Hunter Irrigation is innovating our entire water irrigation systems. Amazing machines making irrigation necessities to keep our landscaping efficient.

Its a beautiful day at the Old Town State Park Native Plant Garden as we check back with Susan Krzywicki on how the California Native Plant Society has created an urban exhibit attracting as many people as Disneyland per year. Quite simply it is an amazing place to be and the happiest place for Earth as an original area for the Kumeyaay Indians, Spanish and Mexican Settlers, as well as the original Plymouth Rock for San Diego and California as we know it. You’ll definitely have a new look on Old Town after this segment.

Finally we take a relaxing break at Callie Mack and Philip Roullards home in San Carlos to see this 2006 Native Plant Landscaping award from the California-Friendly Landscaping contest. Its the pinnacle of planting natives so its a high bar to set, but Callie and Phil are very California-Friendly so we’ll get some tips and tricks to starting a beautiful backyard (or front) native ecosystem.

Discover how Water Conservation necessities are a recipe for action in San Diego as well as some solid solutions with Native and Sustainable Landscaping. So freshen up as we grow our knowledge on planting plants as we go native in this episode.

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