Learning Green

A look at the leaders of tomorrow, today, and what they are learning right now to solve the environmental issues in the future.

Episode 2: Learning Green – Environmental Education

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Green Yourself: Learn all about the environment
FOR Students, Teachers, and Parents

Check out our exclusive coverage at this year’s Clinton Global Initiative University at University of California, San Diego April 1st-3rd.

A+ for all our guests

A relaxing day in a bustling urban metropolitan, start the journey with a K-8 program called Cool the Earth which is cool, but has sizzling hot reviews from the amazing performance by everyone in Mrs. De Luna’s 5th grade class at Hage Elementary school. Its truly Shakespeare’s envy.

Than take a trip up the 15 to High Tech High North County where students use Project Based Learning to critically analyze and solve some of the biggest environmental issues of our time.

Now sit back and relax as President Bill Clinton takes the mic for a well-deserved praise to UCSD and Chancellor Fox. Former President of the United States Bill Clinton came all the way here for this years Clinton Global Initiative University Conference because of UCSD’s exemplary green and sustainable practices.

Than stroll around campus for UCSD Green Open House. Its a celebration and your invited as we check out a car show, entertainment, landscape exhibits, cooking demos, and much more.

After taking a look at all the wonderful programs head back downtown, but take a much needed study break to see Seeds at the City, a program at San Diego City College that is one of the only places in Southern California for you to get a Sustainable Agriculture Certification.

Original air date Friday June 10th at 6pm on ITV – Channel 16 in San Diego.

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