De-constructing Construction

De-construct your notions of what is construction and build your knowledge with this developed episode on Green Buildings.

Music By: Kevin MacLeod, Luke Rohm and North Pacific String Band
Photos Provided By: Wikimedia Commons, Darren Edwards, Ramona Willis d’Viola, Roberto Zeballos, and Mike Hearon.

Green Yourself: Home Energy Audit and LEED to succeed.

Our Guests are Built for San Diego

Our home, our castle, our little fort in San Diego is very highly guarded. Windows, doors, walls and everything else to keep the elements out and protect the contents inside.

That castle also holds on to VOC’s or Volatile Organic Compounds which are unhealthy to breath in. So open the windows and unlock the doors to get a good breeze going through as you build your knowledge with ‘De-constructing Construction’

All your bags are packed your ready to go, can’t steal anymore lines or I will owe, so here we are in San Diego International Airport. After a relaxing flight your stretching out your legs in Sunny San Diego grabbing your bag on the way to a car to explore the city. Take a second before you get to far along and realize your in the Green Build a billion dollar project at the airport making the entire place more efficient, effective and environmentally friendly.

Now that you’ve aired out and seen how we fly in San Diego take a trip up top to get a great view of San Diego’s greenscaped future. Above San Diego are green roofs providing all sorts of benefits in our community.

Tired from being so high, take a load off and relax as we head to North Park to Olive Branch Green Building Supplies and find out how Skyy Vodka and beer bottles can be countertops in a beautiful home not just a frat house.

Take a back seat as Lisa cunningham the owner of Olive Branch takes us to a home where they’ve really bringing the environment indoors to make a great house a long-lasting home.

Time to get busy as we head to picturesque Del Mar and help Dave Nash of the United States Green Building Council’s – San Diego chapter with a Re-Green home. This small home has big potential in saving the environment.

Finally the grand jewel of Green Building, the Neptune Green Home. A Platinum LEED certified home in Encinitas, California. Explore it with us and get ready to be amazed.

So take a trip, grab a seat, ride along, and get comfortable for De-constructing Construction.

Originally Aired Friday June 17th at 6pm on ITV – Channel 16.

We’re Up, Up and Away with this Season of How Can I Help? Pleased to announce our latest accomplishment, Episode 3: De-Constructing Construction is featured on the San Diego International Airports Official Website. This is a major accomplishment, check it out…

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