Season One

Episode 1: The Farm Fresh Green Thumb Guide – Organic Farming.
Green Yourself: Building a Garden
A tantalizing taste of San Diego’s organic fruits and vegetables.

Episode 2: Learning Green – Environmental Education
Green Yourself: Generation Green Yourself Tips
An in depth look at Generation Green.

Episode 3: De-constructing Construction – Green Buildings
Build knowledge on proper environmental engineering every home or business could enjoy.
Green Yourself: Building Green

Episode 4: Solar Diego – Solar Panels
Check out solar panels as a bright idea lighting up our city.
Green Yourself: Lighten Up

Episode 5: Planting Plants – Native and Sustainable Landscapes
Set the scenery on our picture perfect postcard community with native and sustainable landscaping.
Green Yourself: Restore San Diego

Episode 6: Beer No Evil – Green and Sustainable Brewing
break down a beer as to see how green practices in brewing can lead to water and energy savings.
Green Yourself: Catch the Local Buzz

Episode 7: Explore SD – Eco-Tourism in SD
Come sail away with a relaxing view on going green with Eco-Tourism.
Green Yourself: Eco Go

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