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Sometimes it seems difficult to determine the right steps to becoming a more sustainable San Diego. Environmental issues like water conservation, energy efficiency, and waste management seem like huge tasks to try to address but it may actually not take a lot to be green. A simple way to create a more sustainable San Diego is by reducing our refuse – or in other words, wasting less with One Less Mess.

By breaking down the environmental issues and trying a few simple Green Yourself Tips its possible to help create a more sustainable San Diego.

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More or Less (Summary)
To learn how to waste less start by discovering more about an exhibit at the San Diego Natural History Museum called Water: A California Story.

Follow Dr. Michael Hager, President of the Museum and Host, Ronnie Das to some great ways to conserve our most vital natural resource, water.

After that its off to the waterfront to see how the Port of San Diego is proving less is more with the Green Business Challenge. See all the exciting innovations and idea that are enhancing the local economy by creating less waste, increasing energy efficiency, consuming water sustainably, and reducing air pollution.

The Port of San Diego is an economic engine in the region, environmental steward in the community, and leader in raising awareness on opportunities that encourage the very tenants of sustainability.

General Dynamics NASSCO has been implementing green practices and sustainable solutions in its operations before the Port Green Business Challenge, but has successfully implemented many new techniques to ensure environmental quality at there facility.

Located on San Diego Bay and building ships for commercial customers and the U.S. Navy since 1960 this full service shipyard is the only major shipyard on the West Coast conducting new construction and repair.

Get back to shore with Dr. Michael Hager who explains all about ways to save water with simple and sustainable Green Yourself Tips.

Than see how you can be green when you Think Blue. Storm Water Pollution Prevention is a great way to keep our oceans clean. Every time it rains many beaches are shut down because of bacteria and pollution from urban and rural human activities.

Think Blue is an education and outreach program as a part of the City of San Diego Storm Water Department to raise awareness on storm water issues. The main misconception in storm water pollution is that many people don’t know that the storm drains are not connected to the sewer system. Anything that goes into the storm drain system goes directly to the ocean, but when we Think Blue we are green and helping the environment by reducing our Storm Water pollution.

All Aboard as we take this trip through San Diego to see how to reduce our use of water and create One Less Mess.

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