Season 1.

Episode 1: The Farm Fresh Green Thumb Guide – Organic Farming

A tantalizing taste of San Diego’s organic fruits and vegetables.

Episode 2: Learning Green – Environmental Education

An in depth look at Generation Green.

Episode 3: De-constructing Construction – Green Buildings

Build knowledge on proper environmental engineering every home or business could enjoy.

Episode 4: Solar Diego – Solar Panels

Check out solar panels as a bright idea lighting up our city.

Episode 5: Planting Plants – Native and Sustainable Landscapes

Set the scenery on our picture perfect postcard community with native and sustainable landscaping.

Episode 6: Beer No Evil – Green and Sustainable Brewing

Catch the local buzz on brewing environmentally, efficiently and economically.

Episode 7: Explore SD – Eco-Tourism in SD

Come sail away with a relaxing view on going green with Eco-Tourism.

Season 2.


Episode 1: Electro-Go – Electric Vehicles

Get moving with an energizing ride through San Diego to explore electric vehicles.

Episode 2: Animal Housing – Sustainable Pets

Cuddle up with this episode to learn tips on treating your pet with sustainable choices. Its a treat for anyone interested in adopting, fostering, or volunteering to help our pawed pals and feline friends.

Episode 3: Blown Away – Wind Energy

An energy source literally blowing in the wind, become a fan favorite of this wind energy episode.

Episode 4: One Less Mess – Reduce

More or less this episode is about how less is more and reducing our use of water with conservation is terrific for the environment. Part 1 of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Series

Episode 5: Twice as Nice – Re-use

See it all before with something new and sustain our city with Re-use. Part 2 of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Series

Episode 6: Think Again – Recycle

Leave the landfill to waste away, because with recycling in our day, we can make a difference.

Season 3.

Get ready because we’re coming back with all new environmental episodes to help make modern green living part of your sustainable San Diego.

Episode Segments

Special Event – Join Ronnie Das at community gatherings to celebrate this beautiful city. The segment has an environmental element relating to the episode, but really its just about a cool place with family-fun for everyone.

Green Business – By showcasing environmental jobs with a hands-on approach, Ronnie Das works with local companies to demystify the green economy with by solutions and savings through sustainable products. As a high school, college or young professional you can take advantage of an excellent way to understand the exploding career opportunities within the environmental industry. Empowered environmentally-conscious parents can take immediate action with the resources to raise awareness in your environment about the sustainable solutions to keep your children safer and healthier.

Community – Taking out the economics behind sustainable choices with great local green businesses serving our communities needs leaves only the environmental benefits, education and outreach necessary for truly sustainable solutions. In this segment explore the amazing efforts of environmental organizations all throughout San Diego. Our entire audience young and old can discover some facts and volunteer opportunities to create a sustainable community.

Green Yourself – Boil down the episode to the single most important piece of the environmental issue and proceed with low-cost no-cost solutions to save money, time, and the environment.

Friendly Advice – If every episode is about an environmental issue and every issue has some solution than to properly conclude each episode we need to visit a San Diego community member whose putting the environment into action and creating a real Eco Diego. Its a down to earth way to get real advice on real solutions for your home, apartment, and entire environment.

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