That time of year has come again, which marks the blossoming spring weather for most of the country and, of course, the migration of indie, rock and hip hop music lovers to Coachella Valley for the infamous annual music festival.

People come to Coachella to rock out to some of their favorite artists from Jurassic 5 and Phoenix to Passion Pit and Social Distortion.

While your Soaking up the Sun in Indio, CA and through your Audio Adventure, Enjoy the Environment with these easy listening Sustainable Solutions…
ECOachella: A Survivor’s Guide to Staying Sustainable at the festival and Healthy Tips to keep you Rocking all Weekend!

Traveling Coachella Weekend
Directions to Coachella: 81-800 Avenue 51, Indio, CA 90036 – Empire Polo Club.
Carpooling is an easy and eco-friendly way of getting to and from Coachella while saving on gas, and there is great incentive to do this: As long as you have four or more people in your vehicle and paint the word “Carpoolchella” somewhere on your car, you have the chance to be spotted for a contest. The group who has the best decorated car can win different prizes like VIP passes or even a Coachella pass for life.

Carpool with four (4) or more to a vehicle and you might win…
-PHOTO PASSES (get up close)

Participate by simply writing the word CARPOOLCHELLA on a 8×11 piece of paper (or larger – Get CREATIVE and be easy to SPOT) (You can also just easily print this CARPOOLCHELLA pdf ) and place on the dash and arrive at the festival anytime over the weekend before 2pm on Sunday. During the weekend (Thursday – Sunday), a SECRET SPOTTER will be out at the parking and camping entrances watching people drive in. At random times, random cars with 4 or more people with a CARPOOLCHELLA on their dash or written on their car will be approached for questioning and might possibly win a VIP ticket/pass for life starting in 2014 or one of the other prizes drawn randomly (listed above).

If you need to join a carpool group or want to put one together, try ZimRide, where you can find others in your area who want to go to the festival.

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Where to Stay
There are many hotel packages and camping pass options posted on Coachella’s official page, but act quickly, as these Coachella weekend packages tend to go fast.

Off-site camping is very favorable for last minute attendees, where you can even bring an RV and take advantage of a more “home away from home” environment. If you stay close enough to the festival, there are shuttle passes still left for the second weekend.

Make sure to bring a reusable water bottle, as there are free drinking fountains scattered among the festival. Coachella has teamed up with Global Inheritance to bring a recycling program into place for water bottles. If you bring or collect 10 plastic water bottles or cans, they will give you points towards prizes like sunscreen, posters and reusable bottles.

While at Coachella, you’ll have more opportunities to meet others who may have extra space in their tent or know some unannounced events going on in the campgrounds (where some bands also play), so keep an open mind and be kind, as this can go a long way at the festival! As always, be safe, wear lightweight clothing, bring your sunscreen and have fun while on your excursion into the desert.

Get the Lineup, Eat & Drink, News & Social with the Official festival mobile apps for
Android and Apple.

Save Money and the Planet
10 empties = 1 new full bottle of water
Recycle and Refresh! For every 10 empty bottles you collect from the grounds and bring to participating kiosks, you will receive one brand new free full bottle of cold, fresh and very wet water. It may not sound all that exciting right now, but trust us, when the temperature hits 101, you’ll be grateful. Keeps You Hydrated, The Polo Grounds Clean & Recyclosaurus Rex In A Food Coma. Plus, you’re saving the Earth while rocking the freak out — what’s better than that?

The Oasis is the perfect place to cool off, taste premium H20 vintages and soak up water news told firsthand by our brilliant bartenders/scientists on the festival grounds. The Oasis is an education-based program to help people better understand our existing water sources as well as innovations or opportunities for tomorrow.

No one has a bigger Coachella crush than robotic T-Rex. This 40 ft giant is ready to chow down on every bottle, can and gate jumper he can find. The best way to avoid being placed on T-Rex’s midnight snack menu is to sacrifice empty bottles/cans you find on the festival grounds. Every bottles/can counts so remember to recycle and recycle often.

Learn even more of the sustainable features at this years festival with Global Inheritance and The Coachella Certified Farmers’ Market.

Check out some of the sustainable features at Coachella in this fun video and then keep reading for some Tips to Helping You Stay Healthy at the Show like a Pro…

Helping You Stay Healthy at the Show like a Pro

Stay Protected From the Sun
Coachella is in the desert so… It’s HOT! Temperatures can reach well into the 90s. Protect yourself from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays with sunscreen, sunglasses, and a fab hat. Lobster red is not the look you want to be sporting by day three.

Fuel Up to Stay Energized
The hot weather and long days mean you need to be properly energized. Drink lots of water. While a cold beer tastes good while enjoying the music, don’t go overboard. Alcohol is dehydrating and can be a bad mix in the hot desert sun.

Put a Bud in it
Noise-induced hearing loss can be caused by a single exposure to loud noise or by regular exposure to anything over 85 decibels (like a concert) over an extended period of time. Before you hit the festival, pick up a pair of silicone earplugs from a drugstore. These will also come in handy if you plan to onsite camp at the festival.

Wear Comfortable Shoes
Chances are you’re going to be doing a lot of standing and walking around, so dress accordingly. You don’t have to show up in hiking boots, but you may want to ditch the stilettos for a pair of cute sneakers or flat-soled boots.

Get Some Zs
An easy mistake to make during any celebratory weekend is not getting enough sleep. Though the excitement of the festival might keep you up all night, give your mind and body some time to wind down. Even if you can’t get a full night’s rest, try to sneak away for an afternoon nap.

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Where’s Waldo?
Always remember to stay in a group, with a friend or let someone know where you are going at all times!

In Case of Emergency
Accidents happen, so keep some basic first-aid essentials in your bag. Antiseptic wipes, band-aids, and painkillers are travel musts.

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It’s easy to fall under the hedonistic sway of Coachella, where the mantra of drugs, sex and rock ‘n’ roll comes to life before your eyes. But three long days of partying under the blazing desert sun will take its toll quickly, and if you try to go nonstop, chances are good you’ll be passed out in your teepee by the time the Chili Peppers hit the stage. Therefore, it’s important to maintain a somewhat normal lifestyle while raging at Coachella (DanceSafe, info for the recreational user). Do so by eating regularly, drinking lots of fluids (and moderate amounts of booze), getting reasonable amounts of sleep, dressing comfortably, protecting yourself with sunblock (and prophylactics) and resting in the shade during your downtime. Do it right, and there will be plenty of time for an amazing adventure. Enjoy the Show!

Weekend 2 – Set Schedule and Lineup

Let us know what band your most looking for to seeing Eco Diego Fans!

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Weekend 1

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