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We are excited to introduce our two newest Eco Experts: Annie Hines and Alice Nguyen!

Annie will be sharing ideas and articles on Resource Conservation while Alice will help you explore innovations and advances in Algae Biofuels. We are very excited to have experts that can provide such great help to answer any of your questions on these topics as well as write about two very fascinating aspects of the environment.

Learn More About Your New Eco Experts

Annie Hines grew up in Oakland, California before attending college in Los Angeles, CA. Always an avid outdoors-person, she grew up loving the environment, especially conservation issues. While studying Spanish Language and Literature at Loyola Marymount, she began working with various environmental nonprofits during the summers. Past experience has been mostly focused on environmental education, with forays in endangered species management. After graduating, she worked for an environmental consulting firm before leaving for Panama with the Peace Corps.

In Panama, her work focuses on sea turtle conservation, ecotourism and environmental education. She works alongside a pre-existing ecotourism group to create and implement monitoring policies, organize tourism activities and conduct trainings. Annie hopes to keep working in natural resource or endangered species management after the Peace Corps.

Alice Nguyen graduated from University of California, San Diego with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biochemistry/Cell Biology along with a minor in Environmental Systems. She also has a Master’s of Science in Biology with a focus in Environmental Microbiology performing research at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Her extensive background include dentistry, humanitarian aid, teaching, and scientific research — these diverse experiences have combined and culminated into her core passion to create a greener, more sustainable world.

She is now involved with Green Economy Group as a Project Management Associate / Editor and Bambootility, LLC as an Associate. She hopes to escape from prevailing global energy constraints, and accelerate innovation in renewables and clean energy.

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We welcome, encourage and invite new contributions from our growing Eco Diego community as Eco Experts!

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