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Green For Launch 2, 1… “Electro-GO!”

Get revved up for an all new season of How Can I Help? with an exhilarating environmental episode that re-invents the wheel with the electric vehicle revolution on the road and than takes it out for a joy ride. The Season Premiere is all happening Thursday December 1st at 6:00 PM on exclusively ITV in [...]

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Aha Moment

An inside look at the people behind How Can I Help? Check Out the Clip Eye-Opening, Uplifting, Heartwarming, Courageous, or Intriguing…You Decide?

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Rain on your parade

When rain falls here in San Diego, all it means to me is stay off the freeway. Here’s a couple Green Yourself tips for the random rainy days we sometimes receive in Southern California. Green Yourself: Warm Up with Fond Memories Bring over your friends and neighbors to enjoy some homemade chili to provide a [...]

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Thank you for your service.

Air Force One with President Barack Obama lands in San Diego, CA. 11-11-11 A statue of Chyba a dog that did 2 tours of Afghanistan to help protect our military men and women from danger. This is the only private dog veteran memorial west of the Mississippi.

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