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Digital Mess

Art Photography

Picture this, a sunny afternoon with a gentle breeze. The air tastes fresh with soothing smells that touch your soul, the sounds show a simple natural life with birds soaring, squirrels playing and couples in love walking hand in hand with calm waves crashing against a beautiful shore. Meanwhile your indoors taking photos of your [...]

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Season 2 Rolling Forward

Car2Go San Diego Ecotality blink electric vehicle charging

We’re rolling forward with Season 2 of “How Can I Help?” with an ALL NEW EPISODE just posted online called “Eletro-GO!” Experience an electrifying revolution on the road with Electric Vehicles and get the inside line on Green Yourself Tips with Sustainable Transportation in San Diego. The U.S. burns 10,000 gallons of gasoline a second [...]

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Energetically Moving Forward

Best Garden

The Season 2 Premiere of “How Can I Help?” was quite a success and now its time to get ready for all new episodes every Thursday at 6:00 PM on ITV. Discover an electrifying revolution on the road taking place right here in San Diego as companies and non-profit groups lead the charge in advocating [...]

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A Dog Gone Internet Premiere at 8:00 PM

Let’s put our pawed pals and feline friends first in this episode to see how fostering, adopting, proper nutrition, and sustainable supplies helps green your pet. This isn’t a pet project so don’t flounder to watch Animal Housing Internet World Premiere Today at 8:00 PM PST Watch this episode today at 8:00 PM with the [...]

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