Grants Writer

Grants Writer
Little Italy/Downtown (Greater San Diego Area)
Outline: The Grants Writer is responsible for obtaining new sources of funding for RDF Productions through private, public, non-profit, and various other sources throughout the community. Directly contact local, regional, state, national and international organizations.

Job Description
Grants Writer will be researching grant funding opportunities and locating funding sources that complement the RDF Productions programming needs. Developing a strategic plan for correspondence while developing particular grant proposals or filing applications. Maintaining proper credibility for the company by ensuring that grants are submitted following any and all special instructions from funding sources.

Primary Responsibilities:
1. Through interviews and other means, gather information that will easily allow him/her to grasp the concept of a project or program for which funding is sought as defined by RDF Productions. Responsible for carrying out grant process.
2. Acquire and maintain sound knowledge and understanding of Research and Development Foundation, RDF Productions, “How Can I Help?”, and “How Can I Help?:San Diego”. Use that knowledge and understanding to better comprehend all projects and programs for which grants will be sought and to recommend the seeking of grants.
3. Research grant-making organizations and analyze them to identify likely funding sources for specific projects and programs.
4. Compile, write, and edit all grant proposals/applications or letters of inquiry exhibiting strong expository writing skills and a high-level command of grammar and spelling.
5. Review the budget of a project or program for which funding is sought and make recommendations to better present it to grant-making organizations.
6. Develop individual grant proposals in accordance with each grant-making organization’s preferences and follow exactly each grant-making organization’s guidelines.
7. Keep in contact with grant-making organizations during their review of a submitted grant application in order to be able to supply additional supportive material.
8. Manage the process of supplying progress reports when required by a grant-making organization that has funded a project or program.
9. Maintain clear communication with Executive Producer and Marketing Staff on organizations contacted, tentative timelines/deadlines, weekly progress reports, and other necessary tasks as they are assigned.
10. Research and develop fundraising opportunities with Events Coordinator and Cross-Promotional Project Manager.

Within the first 45 days of hire have 1-2 proposals or applications in various stages for each grant and funding style listed below:
Short Grants – From start to approval/denial of grant should be between 1-5 months.
Medium Grants – From start to approval/denial of grant should be between 6-12 months.
Large Grants – From start to approval/denial of grant should be between 12-24 months.

Episode Funding – From $1-$2,400
Season Funding – From $2,500-$24,500
Production Funding – From $25,000 – $250,000
Company Funding – $250,000+

Ex. Large Grant for Company Funding would take between 1-2 years for an amount of over $250,000

Contract: Receive an 8% commission from generating funds from approved grants.

Goal: Ensure a salary position of $60,000/year plus benefits for a Senior Grants Writer position by June 2013. Generate $750,000.00 in Grants funding within 12 calendar months from hire on date.

To apply: Send a resume and cover letter to , CC: for a quicker review.

Desired Skills & Experience
Required Traits: Meticulous Organization, Punctual, Personally Responsible, Strategic, Ability to Handle Multiple Projects and Set Priorities, Commitment to a Group Effort, and Accountability when under General Supervision.

Desired Skills:
-Expertly communicate in writing, when meeting a potential client or on the phone.
-Grant Writing Success rate above 60% when developing new funding sources or relationships.
-Successfully completed one or more grant proposals to receive funding of $25,000+ for an organization.
-Members of AFP a Plus.

College or University Degree in English, History, Marketing, or Grant Writing related fields
Professional Certificate in Grant Writing with 1 year of Work Experience.


Minimum of 1 year directly writing grants and overseeing the grant process specifically for a company (not 501 [c] [3], preferably a small business)
Minimum of 3 years writing grants and overseeing the grant process for a small-medium organzation (preferably small business).
Minimum of 5 years writing grants and overseeing the grant process for any organization.

Company Description
After 2 successful seasons on ITV, this TV show is headed into its highly anticipated 3rd season.

RDF Productions’ “How Can I Help?:San Diego” Overview
The environmental TV Show “How Can I Help?: San Diego” explores organizations using green practices and sustainable solutions to help make a difference in the community. Primarily the goal is to explore the accessibility, affordability, and opportunities available to the local community with simple tips, expert opinions, and creating a roadmap to modern green living.

Throughout the show are examples of empowering local residents to participate in community service through environmental stewardship activities. By inspiring the youth to consider emerging environmental industries and find successful careers they can contribute to becoming leaders in sustainability.

RDF Productions
RDF Productions was formed in January of 2011 as an outlet and resource for the community by providing production, filming, and editing services to the most vital environmental, humanitarian, or community services to enhance the awareness, education, and outreach of sustainable topics.

RDF Productions is the leader in capturing the emerging era of environmental history with professional promotion for any product, service, idea, business, or organization involved in green practices and sustainable solutions. The consistent professional performance of RDF Productions’ “How Can I Help?” has generated an audience of 850,000 weekly viewers. RDF Productions is set to be the liaison for all of San Diego’s sustainable groups as the definitive voice for Eco Public Relations. Write Grants for a minority-owned small business that is using the art of film production to create an educational TV Show called “How Can I Help?:San Diego” for health, humanitarian and environmental organizations that serves the community by discussing modern green living techniques.

Official Policy & Commitment to those who work at RDF Productions – Our ability to succeed depends on the integrity, knowledge, imagination, skill, diversity, flexibility and teamwork of our employees, contractors, interns, film crew and staff. To this end we strive to create an environment of mutual respect, encouragement and cooperation. A working environment that rewards commitments and performance while seeking to be responsive to the needs of all workers and internship volunteers.

Additional Information
Type: Contract
Experience: Mid-Senior level
Functions: Business Development, Writing/Editing, Research Industries: Media Production, Entertainment
Compensation: 8% commission on approved grants
Referral Bonus: 5% commission on first approved grant

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